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Ye undoubtedly knows how to make a perfect song. He is also undoubtedly a flawed character. Now I’m not going to make a moral judgement on whether he was right to threaten his ex-wife’s new romantic suitor. That being said, the conversation around Pete Davidson getting his ass whipped is the type of entertainment I signed up for.

Ye’s tone on his verse is reminiscently dark, darkness we haven't come across since Yeezus. On top of that, his braggadocious nature is turned up on this joint. Is it a sign of him taking back his power or is it a sign of latent desperation? Only he and the therapists he claims he will no longer “ negotiate” with will know.

Here’s the crazy thing though. We tend to forget that this is not Ye’s song. It is a lead single from The Game’s highly anticipated project with trailblazing producer Hit-Boy. As far as rapping goes, it’s hard to fault the Compton legend. That being said, what he did here was special. His delivery was cutting, and his storytelling was chillingly compelling. The game gives us a window into a time when bullet wounds were “ drenched in Hennessy” and puff and biggie’s music was still blasted from car speakers. Though this may sound like an old narrative, it surprisingly hit in a very raw and refreshing way.

Something magical happened here, between the hypnotic sampling, the classic DJ premier scratches, and the outrageous artwork, Game and Ye gave us a timeless one and made it look Eazy.

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