• Thato Mathebula


The nature of society is to find something to hold onto and believe in whether that be religion, self-belief or chosen role models. It’s not uncommon for people to look to those with the most influence in society for guidance and leadership. With the amount of access society has to these individuals because of social media it’s almost as if people feel as if they are connected to the daily lives of the millennial celebrity from their opinions, purchases, campaigns and eating habits.

This however ever has created a false sense of expectation and dehumanisation. We assume that because we have a small amount of access to the lives of public figures that they are not humans that are bound to make mistakes or have different world views to us in relation to what is right and wrong.

The only difference between the average citizen and a public figure is that their lives are under the microscope and any newsworthy topic surrounding them is bound to cause headlines and become a major topic of discussion.

So, we should then ask ourselves whether there is a difference between being recognised by society for a specific skill or talent and being a role model. Should public figures decide on whether they want to be role models or should society continue handing over such a huge responsibility to people that may not even want to carry it.

Should we be more understanding when a public figure makes a mistake because none of us are perfect or should they continue being held at a different standard because of their position find out on this week’s episode on MTD.

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