• Thato Mathebula

Unhealthily healthy

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

It’s that time of year again everybody is feeling positive and ready to be the best version of themselves again for two weeks before reverting back to old habits they commit to changing at the beginning of every year. The most common habits people commit to changing every year are eating and exercise habits.

Statistics suggest that only a staggering 8 percent of people follow through on their new years resolution whilst 80 percent fail to follow through. 55 percent of resolutions are health and fitness related.

The health and fitness industry are one of the most scrutinized industries the world. For all the good products and representatives in the industry there are just as much if not more products that are not good for the body and individuals who are not transparent about how realistic it is for you to get into good shape from using their products and exercise programs.

It seems we live in a world where aesthetics are prioritised over health and what your body requires to function. Looking good and feeling good about yourself should never be discouraged but when assessing what lengths people are willing to go to look a certain way then there may be questions that may need to be asked as to why this is the current reality.

Are we willing to sacrifice real holistic good health for aesthetic appeal? Listen to this week’s podcast episode as we explore this topic in more detail.

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