• Thato Mathebula


It’s no secret that South Africa has a dark history that still haunts us in 2021.If you had told majority of people in South Africa who were allowed to vote for the very first time in 1994 that in 27 years unemployment would be at an all time high, students would not be able to find employment after having a history of being denied a good education and that to some degree the lives of a lot of black people are better under apartheid than they will be in a democratic South Africa nobody would believe you.

1994 gave many people fresh hope and optimism for the future yet in many ways there is still a huge gap between the rich and the poor and it seems that gap is widening every year with no sense of urgency from our leaders to find solutions to restructure our economy and social reality as a whole.

Racial tension is almost the norm in SA society and one must wonder what effect the introduction of the black elite and classism will have on an already fragile and mismanaged situation.

Most people would say it is your own responsibility to control your own destiny and create your own reality. But how is that possible when your reality has always been poverty or the bare minimum? when you did everything you could to put yourself in a better position but it still wasn’t good enough.

Tune into this week’s podcast episode as we discuss the future of South Africa under its current social structures and imbalances.

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