• Thato Mathebula

The Authentic voice

You’ve often heard the saying, “He/she fulfilled their purpose” once somebody has passed away. Do we ever really fulfil our purpose? And do we really know why we have been brought into this world? When we are young, we see the world from a naive perspective we trust everybody that crosses our path and believe that we can be anything and fulfil every dream in our young hearts and minds.

As we grow older we build up walls and wear masks to protect ourselves from the pain and disappointment of betrayal we have suffered from encounters with human beings we always thought we could trust. We apply logic to our dreams and suddenly everything is calculated and we no longer see ourselves as beings who can conquer the world.

We become products of our environment and develop personalities and characteristics developed from societal influences more especially in our formative years.

The truth is who we are and who we have always been never really leaves us, there is a voice within us that nags at us crying out desperately for us to discover our potential and be who we were destined to be. That voice is called our authentic voice.

Authenticity can be described as “The quality of being genuine and not corrupted from the original”. At some point in life everyone has a corrupted authenticity and some people die never being who they truly are.

How do we get back to being original and true to ourselves in a loud planet full of influences suggesting who we should be instead of our authentic voice?

The first thing is to accept what we hate most about ourselves, the guilt from our past, insecurities or personality traits we feel are awkward and not good enough to be accepted by others. Remember striving for authenticity does not mean you are striving for perfection but to be the best version of yourself possible with the positives and the negatives.

Secondly, we need to constantly work on our self-awareness as individuals by always being confident in the pursuit of becoming our true selves regardless of societal pressures and difficulty in overcoming certain challenges. Accepting that this is not an easy journey will give you confidence and increase your self-awareness when things are not going the way you intended.

Focus on your journey and worry less about occupying your conversations with information about somebody else as a method of masking the fact that you want their life. They are on a journey of their own and if you knew what they go through when nobody is around you probably wouldn’t want their life at all, so focus on you.

Value criticism and feedback from those who love and care about you the most, positive feedback about your growth is encouraging but tough love is also important in keeping you on track and being accountable for your journey.

And finally, don’t be afraid to follow what is really and truly in your heart even if it is not the most popular decision at the time. Sometimes selfishness is required nurture and grow what the soul is yearning for. Moral of the story be you and remember it’s never too late to become who you were destined to be. Stay tuned for this week’s podcast episode.

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