• Thato Mathebula

The art of mindfulness

This week MTD hosts its first ever international guest, hailing from Vancouver BC Canada. Dora Kamau is a meditation educator and mindfulness coordinator with over 200 hours of practices to her name according to the insight timer app. Dora is the founder of a women’s community centered around mental health, mindfulness and self-care called Bliss Your Heart.

We all have different opinions when it comes to what we believe in, however taking care of your mental state which is a continuous battle should be a priority. There are multiple assumptions about mindfulness and how it is linked to specific religious principles and practices and it may be hard to understand what the benefits of it are if you have never thought about it and been exposed to it.

Now more than ever it is imperative to have conversations about self-love and care within our communities because if we love ourselves, we will have the capacity to be empathetic and love other human beings around us. The world will never be a perfect place but making a contribution to make it better by looking within is a start.

Download the insight timer app which is the largest free guided meditation library in the world with over 70K guided meditations to learn more about this week’s guest and get more information about meditation and mindfulness. You can also head over to Dorakamau.ca to find guided meditations facilitated by Dora and get information on her offerings.

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