• Thato Mathebula


From working in a retail CD store to managing his own label and pursuing other endeavours related to his passion, music! Kid Fonque has had a major influence on South African electronic music and club culture for more than two decades.

This influence can easily be identified in the careers of the many artists he has nurtured in his role as label manager at one of the biggest house music labels on the continent, Soul Candi records and current venture at his independent label Stay True Sounds.

His clear uncompromising vision and determination have gone beyond local recognition to international appreciation earning him gigs and tours in the UK, Hong Kong, and Dubai to name a few.

Kid Fonque has always been obsessed with collecting and exploring music. Regardless of being identified locally as an electronic DJ and the international community being familiar with his house and broken beat production, he has an open-minded approach to the genres and sounds from Boss Nova, Hip Hop, Bass and different variations of house.

Whether he is spinning the decks at a gig, producing new music, running his label or curating content for his weekly radio show Selective Styles on 5fm, Kid Fonque has always ensured that he executes at the highest level in each of his roles.

Tune into this week’s podcast episode as we delve into his influential career on the local and international stage.

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