• Thato Mathebula


Regardless of whether we may differ in terms of being secure within ourselves and being conscious about whether we are seeking validation or not we all love and appreciate support in our endeavors whether that may be from one person or a thousand.

Supporting the endeavors of those in our communities has become a huge topic of conversation over the last decade more specifically in black communities. Multiple young black entrepreneurs have expressed their annoyance at people trying to support their product or service on the cheap.

This is understandable as everyone would like to experience the full value for their efforts, however, does the same go for entrepreneurs offering a product or service to those in their community?

Is the emphasis overly focused on the struggle of entrepreneurs when trying to provide a product or service to those close to them or do we need to discuss how service provision from entrepreneurs is not at the greatest standard when providing a product or service to those who are close to them?

Look out for this week’s podcast episode as we unpack this in detail.

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