• Thato Mathebula


Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Often when we define communication in our minds, we naturally think verbal communication, maybe that’s because it is the most common form of communication used daily , well consciously at least . However, there are multiple forms of non-verbal communication that govern our lives and make us who we are such as, body language, artwork and dance.

Dance is an art form that communicates emotion, experiences, chemistry, passion and in certain instances cultural and spiritual foundations. Body movement is one of the oldest forms of communication in the history of humans and can be traced back for hundreds of centuries. There are even multiple fighting styles that have even been influenced by dance.

Hip hop culture in South Africa is relatively young and currently flourishing more than it ever has. Every year there are new talented artists coming into the scene making an impact which is refreshing to see. Hip hop music and dance have a very strong relationship in terms of South African hip hop culture’s growth and progression.

You only have to look at the amount of hip hop artists who used to be dancers to understand this connection and how relevant it is to where the culture is now. The number of kids entering dance competitions and dancing as a hobby has decreased significantly over the years. The dance scene locally may not be as prominent as it once was but dance in general is apart of everyday life and is a form of communication that will be here forever.

This week we speak to a pioneer of South African dance culture to discuss this in detail look out for this week’s podcast episode.

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