• Thato Mathebula


From normal working-class men and women, to students and famous politicians many people contributed to democratic South African establishment. Black professionals in law, academia, medicine, and journalism to name a few have always been instrumental in South African society.

The likes of Dr William Anderson Soga, Oliver Tambo and Percy Qoboza were all politically and socially influential. They used the skills and leadership developed in their fields to address the social injustices of the time. In the contemporary South African business and corporate world, young black professionals are making their mark and becoming industry leaders.

There are varied opinions when it comes to the role of black professionals in South African society today. Some opinions suggest that political and social responsibility among black professionals is a burden of the past because South Africa is now a democratic state. They argue that all South Africans regardless of race have equal access to resources and opportunities.

However, perspectives of current socio-economic trends seem to be very polarized with others angered by lack of change suggesting that certain aspects of apartheid South Africa were better than those in current democratic South Africa.

Should young black professionals seek to find unified causes that contribute to the betterment of South African society amid multiple deteriorating structures of governance. Does greater effort need to be invested into seeking better ways to improve the economy alongside government representatives?

Are these issues that young black professionals should be conscious about or is it unfair to expect them to contribute to the betterment of South African society?. Tune into this week’s episode as we discuss this topic at length.

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